Patio Covers Orange County

Patio Covers Orange County

Summer is coming and smart patio covers in Orange County will keep you cool.No matter the time of day, a smart patio cover is able to provide shade at any angle.

How do I keep my patio cool in the summer?

There are many products that promise to keep you cool in the coming heat. Misters, fans, and many other devices exist to avoid scorched concrete. However, they all need the shade to work.

A patio cover is the perfect base from which to build your ideal outdoor setup. Do not leave them out of your designs and turn your concrete into lava.

Styles of Patio Shades

You may think of a canopy when you imagine a patio structure. Perhaps you envision a large arm or campground picnic area. These are not your only or even best options.

You can install:

  • Pergolas
  • Canopies
  • Gazebos with pull-down shades
  • Adjustable shade pergolas

Your options are not limited to what is common. It is possible to build whatever you envision. Create the perfect outdoor space with a combination of these elements.

Adjustable Shades

Whatever you plan to build, adjustable shades are the perfect way to benefit from the reflective capabilities of shades and soft power of natural light. A sunset is not as perfect when left in the dark.

An adjustable louvered cover lets you stay cool while letting in natural light at the right time. Throw the perfect dusk party or bask in the morning sun. Never compromise.

Preparing for a Rainy Day

While we think of shades as a way to keep out the sun, they can also keep out the elements. Adjustable shades close to create an enclosed structure.

This makes movable louvered roofs the perfect year-round option. Stay cool in the summer and keep the rain out in the winter. Use your well thought out patio in every season.

Switching from the dry summer to a fall gale is simple. A single person can close the slots in a Struxure patio cover without jumping through hurdles.

Shade with Class

Smart Pato Plus offers top of the line aluminum, stainless steel, and wooden adjustable covers in Los Angeles, California. We pride ourselves on building quality products that fit modern or traditional tastes.

Our Southern California exclusive Struxure Outdoor adjustable shades fit with gold rush era painted ladies, post modern ranch homes, and turn of the century adobe properties. Customizable materials and colors blend perfectly into your surroundings.

Poolside, curbside, or in a suburban backyard, a Struxure pergola is an elegant one of a kind way to add class to your home.

Patio Covers in Orange County

Patio covers in Orange County keep you cool year-round. California is the land of sun. Even then, there is always a chance of rain.

An adjustable louvered patio cover from Patio Covers Plus blends utility and style to let you use your outdoor space in every season. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help build your perfect patio.

Patio Covers Orange County