AC repair San Tan Valley

AC repair San Tan Valley

All air conditioner goes through wear and tear during use, no matter the type you use. Components break down and need replacement, and even the lack of regular maintenance could mean more repairs. The more you wait to schedule air conditioner repair, the higher the chance of your air conditioner break down. Therefore, it’s best to know the signs of an air conditioner in disrepair so that you can know the best time to give our pros a call. Below are signs that it’s time to schedule AC repair.

  1. Your system isn’t cooling

Your air conditioner is responsible for keeping your home cool all summer long. So, if you’ve already switched on your AC and discover that it’s not cooling, as it should, it can be the result of overheating components, low refrigerant, or even damage to your air ducts.

If your AC is not supplying your home with cool air you need, then it is time to contact a pro for repairs. Your technician should be able to diagnose the problem with your AC and repair it accordingly.

  1. Your monthly energy bills are higher

It’s best to keep a close eye on your energy bills. If you notice that you are paying more money than you should have, then it is likely that an air conditioner in disrepair is the culprit.

So, why do you have to pay more money to keep your home cool? It’s time to contact a professional if you are paying higher energy bills to keep your home cool.

  1. Your air conditioner is short cycling

Short cycling is a term used to explain when the air conditioner repeatedly turns off and on without completing a full cooling cycle. Short cycling can place a ton of strain on your air conditioner. It cuts down on a system’s ability to cool your home and the rate at which the air conditioner wears down.

Prolonged short cycling will make your AC more prone to breaking down and shorten the system’s lifespan by several years. The best thing to do if you notice that your AC keeps turning off and on is to shut off the system and call a professional.

  1. You hear a strange sound from the system

No air conditioner is silent. You’re always going to hear the hum of the fans and sound of air whooshing through the ventilation system. But strange noises shouldn’t be ignored, and they can be signs of a problem.

Sounds like clanging, banging, screeching, humming, moaning, and clanging, rattling are signs that you need to call a local HVAC contractor to schedule repair services. Fortunately, your technician will be able to fix the problem quickly.

Contact A Pro

The best thing you can do is call our pros right away if your air conditioner shows any signs of disrepair. Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating has been servings the heating and cooling needs of customers throughout San Tan Valley, AZ, and surrounding communities. Reach out to our team for reliable AC repair San Tan Valley.

AC repair San Tan Valley